Our Capabilities

Design & Marketing

One80 Entertainment stimulates growth in local companies with implementation of scale-able, measurable, and reputable marketing tactics. We help bring new or improved business plans to our clients by analyzing, adjusting, and anticipating what your target audience is looking for. Marketing your business effectively can mean the difference of being wildly successful or just another fish in the pond. One80 Entertainment has over a decade of experience in putting clients’ brands in people’s heads.

Social Media

One80 Social ensures quality consulting, and tactics to get your companies’ target audience reached in the most efficient and direct way. Our staff makes sure that we know your company, customers, and help get more business through your door with this important tool. We don’t just post on social mediums for clients, we specifically target their audience with clean, thought-out content and can hand select their target audience.

Event Planning

We are a full service event planning and production company in Saint Louis, Missouri. Our expertise will cover small scale private events to large scale public events. One80 Entertainment President, Bobby Conn, has spent the past 8 years building strong relationships with the top vendors in Saint Louis, and has made sure to teach his team how to listen, understand, and compliment customer’s and clients needs and wants.


Our team makes sure we are always delivering fresh, new, innovative ideas to our clients. We take great pride in learning more about the industry your business is in to ensure that we are capitalizing on your target audience as efficiently as possible. Building for the future means making bold moves, tough decisions, and a strategy that will transform the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. One80 helps by making the complex obstacles surrounding your business understandable to everyone.

Professional Marketing Matters

  • Save Money
    Driving sales without breaking the bank is why we are here. Nothing feels better than getting more than what you pay for (and looking good doing it). We make sure to keep this in mind with our pricing structure.
  • Timely Reporting
    We strive to make our business a fast, and reachable one. We are always on call to provide results swiftly and efficiently. Our client’s deserve to know how our services are working for them, that is why we take the time to sit down and explain results with them every month.
  • Professional Design
    Another advantage of choosing to work with One80 is our branding support. When perception is reality, make it look good. Our professional design team makes it look really good. Creating brand awareness with a powerful message will help you separate yourself from the masses and reach your true potential.
  • Measurable Results
    A big advantage of One80 over big box marketing/event companies is that we really do put our clients first! Our flexibility and experience helps us adapt as challenges arise. We are passionate about being accessible and making it easy for you to get resources, make updates and get results. Period.

Social Media Packages

Basic Business

Up to 3 engaging posts per week

8 custom graphics per month

50k impressions/mo guarantee

Average 30 new fans per month

Detailed monthly reporting

Optional creation & management of
Instagram page for +$250/mo



Business Select

Up to 3-5 engaging posts per week

12 custom graphics per month

100k impressions/mo guarantee

Average 75 new fans per month

Detailed monthly reporting

Optional creation & management of
Instagram page for +$150/mo



Platinum Business

Up to 5-7 engaging posts per week

15 custom graphics per month

250k impressions/mo guarantee

Average 150 new fans per month

Detailed monthly reporting

Full creation & management of
company Instagram page



Where We Are Located